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Partial_CircumcisionIs it possible to maintain penis naturalness when circumcised? Yes, when the talk is about partial circumcision when foreskin is half cut. However, surgeons and general public opinion do not find the final result aesthetically beautiful. In phimosis sometimes is made not circumcision but dissection of foreskin. This solves problem of phimosis and not problems of hygiene and aesthetics.

Surgery Methods
Is short frenum cut in this surgery? Often surgeon cuts frenum because it makes him work easier. It is possible to keep frenum untouched and thus it would make surgery last longer.

There exist three next methods of partial circumcision surgery:
!) Surgeon marks line of the cut and works with scalpel. This method is most simple and safe.
2) Surgery is performed with a special device and surgeon makes cut only by template.
3) Non-surgical circumcision is performed rarely. Foreskin is pulled over with a special device and in several days occurs self-amputation.

Choosing an appropriate device
Most important thing for the patient is to know surgery device and not circumcision methods.
!) electrocoagulator is a electrical surgery knife. It welds up crossed vessels, makes it needless usage of surgical sutures, as a result stitch looks quite nice. Widely used opinion that stitch heals longer than after usage of traditional scalpel is wrong.

2) laser scalpel. It has no great advantages over electrocoagulator. There is no reason to worry about anesthetic drugs – novocaine reliably provides anaesthesia. General anesthesia is used only when children are operated.

Postoperative period lasts two weeks, then patient may start sexual life with his “elegant” penis.

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Circumcision_Improves_SexAround 90% of American males are circumcised. Main reason they do it is to make it look better. Urologists have positive attitude towards circumcision and they recommend all males to do it motivating it with next reasons.

1. Cancer prevention
Circumcised males, especially in early childhood, never get diseased with penis cancer. Though this disease occurs rarely, but is treated with radical surgical methods, so in comparison with it foreskin removal looks like an absolute nothing.

2. Hygiene
Smegma (emission of sebaceous glands of penile head and foreskin), humid environment, rests of urine establish favourable conditions for bacteria development. Therefore wash penis regularly.

3. Protection against infection
After foreskin removal, urethra end mucous having no cover anymore quickly becomes callous and due to this gets less traumatized during sexual intercourse. Therefore chance to get infected, for example with HIV, reduces increasingly. Even banal muguet is hardly to get.

4. Improvement of sexual life
This is most pleasant effect of circumcision. Men who got their foreskin removed, say that sexual intercourse became longer.

However, there are two moments about which surgeons do not talk.
– sometimes surgeons cut too much penile skin together with foreskin. Then after regeneration, skin left becomes insufficient which causes penis shortening during erection. Certainly, skin will expand with the time and all this time of waiting it the man will have not his initial penis size to make boast in bed.
– urologist may leave too much skin of inner leaflet of foreskin. It looks worse than uncircumcised penis because of smooth red line around penis head like a scarf. Fortunately, this may be easily corrected by an experienced surgeon.

Sometimes circumcision leaves rough scars and suture sinus. Surgeon should put stitches  vary carefully.  However, if there were suture sinus left please do not get upset – experienced surgeon will eliminate them together with rough scar.

Indication for circumcision is phimosis and foreskin injury. Phimosis may be different:
– mild phimosis when foreskin hardly relieves glans during erection but easily relieves glans in non-erected state
– severe phimosis which may result in balanoposthitis (inflammation of penis head and foreskin) or paraphimosis (entrapment by foreskin of penis glans)
These conditions are dangerous because may cause penis mortification or necrosis of its head.

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Circumcision_Is_It_A_NecessityCircumcision is a full or partial removal of foreskin from male penis. Nowadays circumcision is performed on religious, medical or esthetic grounds.

Medical indications for circumcision:
– phimosis (inability to retract the distal foreskin over the penis head)
– condyloma (genital verrucas caused by papillomavirus)
– premature ejaculation
– foreskin traumas

Phimosis is major indication for circumcision. Inflammation causes foreskin narrowing and difficulty of penis head relief not only in relaxed state but in erected state too. The disease may be complicated with balanoposthitis (penis head inflammation) which may cause scarring of foreskin.
Treating premature ejaculation with circumcision reduces sensibility of penis head which helps to prolong sexual intercourse and helps to better control of situation.

How circumcision is preformed?
Circumcision is performed under local anesthesia. Duration of the operation is 20 – 30 minutes. In the course of operation may be removed full foreskin or just its part. Penis frenulum linking penis head with foreskin usually is not removed because it has vascular and lymphatic vessels. Process of recovery  lasts for 2 – 3 weeks.

Possible complications after circumcision
Complications may be mainly caused by inexperience of surgeon who performed operation. Circumcision is contraindicated to people with blood disorder which results in blood coagulability break. In other cases circumcision is an absolutely benign procedure. Some males after operation complain at pains and decrease of penis head sensibility. And it should be told that regenerative process normalizes male condition and after total recovery male not feels pains anymore.

Different specialists have different opinions on circumcision. However, most of them claim that circumcision improves quality of sexual life, prolongs sexual intercourse, reduces development of urogenital system infections and foreskin cancer, reduces risk of papilloma transmission to female.

Men without foreskin have their smegma (foreskin sebum) reduced and this prevents from prostatitis, ureteritis, cystitis development. Circumcision makes it more easy to look after penis head which reduces risk of development of sexually transmitted diseases (herpes, syphilis, condylomata acuminata).

Circumcision aesthetics

There exist various opinions about beauty of male penis. Some women like big penises and some are indifferent to penis size saying that most important is techniques. What is better – circumcised penis or not? The answer is simple: so many heads, so many minds. Male should decide how does his penis look better because he will live all his life with his penis. It is necessary to consult your doctor before circumcision.


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religious_circumcisionAt all times circumcision was practiced by many nations such as Phoenicians, Egyptian sacrificers, Australians, Africans, Muslims, Jewish. There were many reasons for circumcision. African people living in hot region performed circumcision for simplification of hygienic procedures because of small amounts of water.

Australians used the given method to perform essential ritual of initiating when boy becomes male. There do exist many hypothesis around circumcision for religious reasons. Up to the present day in Egypt was kept cave art depicting circumcision procedure.

It should be noted that only Egyptians with removed foreskin had right to marry. In most nations, who practice circumcision, this operation is made in males aged between several months and 17 years.

Jewish ritual of circumcision bears just religious character and is based on Bible. It should be performed in presence of rabbin (or rabbin performs circumcision himself) on eighth day after birth.

In children of early age pain killers are not used. Disagreeable sensations in early childhood are removed from memory quickly and this procedure not seems so fearful anymore. Jewish say that circumcision is a process of redemption from wickedness and malice of a human. “Circumcise yourselves to the Lord” (Jer:4:4)

Circumcision in Judaism is a symbol of dispensation between male and the God. Independent from prohibitions on circumcision at different times on the ground of death penalty, corporal punishment and so on, circumcision existed anyway.

Circumcision at eighth day after birth is performed by the next rules:
1. it must be performed at day time
2. it must be performed by a male
3. in traditional circumcision are used most simple instruments

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CircumcisionCircumcision is a surgery during which in a male is removed penis foreskin around penis head. Major indication is phymosis (foreskin narrowing) which causes constrictions in penis erections and prevents from undergoing normal sexual intercourse (narrow foreskin acts on penis like a collar that squeezes penis head). Also circumcision is indicated in cases of chronic inflammation in preputial punch (area between penis head and foreskin) that causes itch and bad smell in genitals – this results in narrowing and roughening of foreskin. Extra skin is removed.

Circumcision is indicated in next cases:

  • when foreskin is affected by human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • foreign bodies in foreskin
  • premature ejaculation

Circumcision improves greatly male sexual function. Penis size increases – penis becomes bigger not only in relaxed state but in erected state too. This is connected with improved blood circulation in penis.

Surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Most often surgery is performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is used only in cases where children are operated or when it is patient’s desire. During operation are used conventional, traditional surgical instruments. Cuts may be closed up with stitch material that later resolves itself and in this case patient is saved from unpleasant procedure of their removal.

How circumcision is made?

First, penis head is processed with bleach solution, then local anesthesia is made, after which on penis head is applied a rubber binder, and anesthetic is injected into penis. It helps pain sensitivity to disappear for the time necessary for surgery. Around penis head is made a circular cut, then “leafs” of foreskin are cut, and plastics of frenulum of prepuce of penis is performed. Edges of wounds are closed up with stitch materials that are further resolved or not. After surgery aseptic dressing is applied.

Circumcision lasts 20 – 40 minutes. Much time is spent on sealing of wound because doctor models penis in order to make it look better. Pre-hospitalization is not needed. Patient spends in hospital only 1 – 3 hours and after operation may go home. Wound is healed during 7 – 10 days, however, edema persists much longer. Patient must have sexual intercourse only in one month after operation.

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