test-injectionAnabolic steroids are man-made hormones that cause development of male sex characteristics and body tissues to grow and develop faster, mimicking the effects of the male hormone testosterone. Usually, athletes will use steroids for a time then take a break to minimize negative side effects and allow the body to recuperate and natural hormone levels to return to normal. This is called a steroids cycle, and it usually has athletes using the drug for 7-14 weeks with a break of about 10-12 weeks.
If use is continuous, the body stops responding to the steroid. Rather than increasing dosages and seeing more side effects, cycling gives the tissues and hormone levels to return to normal and causes the body to be receptive to the steroid again. A steroids cycle will often be stacked, meaning two or more steroids taken simultaneously, to maximize results.

Testosterone steroids are the most commonly used and most important anabolic steroids of all. In many ways we can label all anabolic steroids as testosterone steroids as it is the testosterone hormone from which they are all derived but for our purposes here when speaking of testosterone steroids we are referring to the direct hormone itself and the numerous forms and types. Testosterone steroids are defined by their ester or even the lack thereof and as we will see there are many options and forms from which an individual has to choose.

In the end regardless of the form the individual chooses the hormone itself is the same within each, testosterone is simply testosterone and it does not change for better or worse regardless of the ester attached. Due to a particular ester being attached or not the nature of the hormone does not change, the direct mode of action does not change and the benefits and potential side-effects remain the same. However, depending on the ester the mode of action in-terms of delivery and total duration of activity can vary greatly and by these differences we must understand them if we are to maintain a stable hormonal level as well as a peaked level if and when performance enhancement is concerned.

Of all the various anabolic steroid injections a testosterone injection is by far the most common. Generally speaking, the protocol you follow with any anabolic steroid injection a testosterone injection will follow the same protocol. When we discuss testosterone the only thing that will vary or change the manner in-which we perform a testosterone injection is the type of testosterone used; beyond this there is nothing we need to do differently than we would with any other injectable anabolic steroid.

Testosterone comes in many forms; in the end, regardless of the form all testosterone is generally the same, it is the mechanism of action in-terms of release that varies. In very simple terms we have a few options; long-estered/slow-acting testosterones, short-estered/fast-acting testosterones, testosterone mixtures and ester-free testosterones. We’ll go into detail explaining how you should perform or schedule your testosterone injection based on the form you use.

The most commonly used testosterone injection that falls in the short-estered category is that of testosterone-propionate or Test-P as it’s commonly known. Test-P is a very fast acting testosterone with an active half-life of four days. If you are using test-p you will need to administer a testosterone injection approximately every other day or every three days; every other day being optimal.

There are two very common forms of testosterone used that fall in the long-estered category; testosterone-enanthate and testosterone-cypionate; both commonly referred to as test-e or cyp as it pertains to the latter. A testosterone injection with either of these forms must be administered at a minimum of every ten days but for performance enhancing purposes once every seven days. However, most will find it far more beneficial in order to keep blood levels stable to administer a testosterone injection two times per week if they are using Test-E or Test Cyp.

Sustanon-250 and Omnadren-250 are the two premier testosterone mixtures, commonly referred to as sust or omna’s as it pertains to the latter. Both of these anabolic steroids are simply a mixture of four different testosterones each possessing a varying half-life from long-estered, to short-estered to esters that fall in the middle. In general, what can be said of one can be said of the other, the only difference between these two testosterone mixtures is one ester in the mixture; in the end they perform identically. Sust is generally more popular than omna’s due to its high availability but as with both, a testosterone injection of at least every three days is advised for performance enhancing purposes. Sust, the form manufactured for the purposes of hormone replacement therapy only needs to be injected every few weeks but to keep test levels stable, which is very important for the enhanced athlete, more frequent injections are required. A testosterone injection every other day is highly advised if you’re using sust or omna’s.

bodybuildingA Winstrol cycle is one of the most ordinary anabolic steroid cycles of all. Somewhat placid in creation when compared to many other anabolic steroids this is a steroid well-suited for strengthening athletes in all sports and a very fair bodybuilding contest prep hormone.
Stanozolol can be commonly found in both injectable and tablet configuration. Regardless of the form you have the same Stanozolol hormone and your Winstrol cycle will be just as effective with either shape. It is correct that the injectable form is slightly more potent and on this basis some will always choose this configuration for their Winstrol cycle. Further, as a very liver toxic steroid due to its C17-aa nature many assume the injectable is a safer option. Let’s be clear, while somewhat more potent in its injectable form the difference is negligible at best. As for liver toxicity, the injectable form of Stanozolol is also of a C17-aa quality just like the pill; both forms are greatly liver toxic. When you’re planning your Winstrol cycle the only thing that really matters is ensuring your result is of a elevated quality quality; beyond this the form does not material.

Winstrol Cycle for Women:
While anabolic steroid use can be very risky for women due to virilization effects, Winstrol remains one of the few choices females have at their disposal. Virilization symptoms appear to be much lower when supplementation is of a answerable nature but we must stress while the odds are in your favor virilization may still occur. If such symptoms begin to show the athlete should discontinue use immediately before they set in permanently. Most women will discover a Winstrol cycle of 6 weeks in length to be sufficient at a dosing of 10mg every other day to every day depending on the athlete, desired end and response to the hormone. Some women may be able to permit as much as a 20mg dose but they should be forewarned that virilization will become a stronger reality. While a Winstrol cycle can be a solid option for the female athlete Anavar still remains our first choice for female athletes.

Winstrol Cycle for Men:
For the male Winstrol cycle, regardless of purpose of use 6-8 weeks of total use will normally suffice. For athletes looking for a boost in performance a dosing of 50mg every other day will in most all cases provide what they are looking for. Of course some will want more and if more is needed and this will be common in competitive bodybuilding circles or simply those looking for a like physique a quantity of 50mg every day can provide this end. As for doses of a higher nature, 100mg per day is the most Stanozolol any man will ever want to take and such a dose can only be recommended for very short periods of time. Such a case might be for a competitive bodybuilder right before his competition, say the last 10-14 days leading up to the show. In all cases most men will discover this to be a poor mass building steroid as the very nature of Stanozolol will not readily promote this end. It can have bulking benefits due to its ability to increase synergy between other anabolic steroids but due to it being so toxic to the liver use should be limited to definite and most helpful times. If one will save his Winstrol cycle for such phases of use he will most certainly find the hormone to be greatly beneficial.

oral_steroidsMany anabolic steroids aromatize and this can lead to a few unwelcome steroid side-effects; most notably Gynecomastia but it is within this aromatizing effect many experience unwanted distilled water retention as well. Your best bet for combating this nasty steroid side-effect is through the use of an aromatase inhibitor during your cycle, as well as performing a proper post course therapy. Many anabolic steroid users escape the “Gyno” monster during their cycle only to have it strike down the partition after the cycle due to excess estrogen buildup. Make sure you use adequate medications such as Clomid or Nolva after your cycle to not only prevent these types of steroid side-effects but to implore proper recovery as well.

Other everyday steroid side-effects revolve around cholesterol and blood pressure. However, many times and by “Many” we mean most of the time these issues can be avoided by eating properly, as well as supplementing your diet with the necessary means of right function. Almost all anabolic steroid users will experience a drop in their HDL cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) and like Gynecomastia this is avoidable or easily remedied. Many anabolic steroid users will find supplementing with fatty-acids to be their saving grace.

As it pertains to the side-effects of steroids and high blood pressure, more times than not this is due to oral anabolic steroids use,  not always but more times than not. If you fall prey to this result the solution is simple, stop using oral anabolics. If you have blood pressure issues without oral anabolic use then unfortunately anabolic steroid use may not be for you. It should also go without saying; if you suffer from high blood pressure before anabolic steroid use you should forgo use until the issue is under-control.

Testicular shrinkage is one of the steroid side-effects most are familiar with. When we take anabolic steroids our natural testosterone productions comes to a discontinue. Due to this shortage in production our testicles wither; they have no reason not to. If this is a concern there isn’t a lot you can do about it if you choose to use anabolic steroids; it is one of the side-effects of steroids generally accepted as inevitable for the male user. That said, once use is discontinued and your natural testosterone production begins again, your testicles will return to their standard size.

testosterone_injFor the anabolic androgenic steroid user there is nothing more common than testosterone injections for it is the testosterone hormone that will be used most frequently and in injectable form. The same can be said of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) patient, as testosterone injections are often the common form of therapy they will receive. In any case there are things to know and understand so that we may maximize our testosterone use in the most effective and efficient means possible but as this is a very well-tolerated hormone and generally very side-effect friendly it is really all very simple. Truth be told, when it comes to testosterone injections there’s really nothing magical happening, there isn’t some monster waiting in the syringe as you may have been led to believe in the past; there’s simply a hormone that your body has produced all of its life and one that you are now ready to take advantage of.

Testosterone can be used at any time and for any cycle. As it is the primary androgen and the primary anabolic androgenic steroid by-which all anabolic  steroids owe their life to it can be used for any cycle and for any purpose. Testosterone is one of the most versatile hormones to have ever existed and for the anabolic steroid users it carries with it nearly every single trait one would be after form the use of anabolic steroids. Bulking or cutting, enhancing on the field athletic performance or simply improving your physique and general quality of life, nothing on this earth will beat regular testosterone injections.

Testosterone injections can be administered into nearly any muscle on the body and within most muscles there are generally multiple spots in-which the hormone can be injected. Most commonly glutes and shoulders will be used; especially the lateral deltoid head when regarding shoulders but these are not the only spots in-which testosterone injections can be performed; far from it. There are 9 different muscles in-which the process can be applied and as you have two of each muscle that doubles it to 18 locations right off the bat. Further, as alluded to, each muscle has multiple spots, except the glutes, traps and lats that may be injected giving you a total as we will see 34 specific areas. The specific areas in-which testosterone injections may be performed include:
Glutes: 1 site
Deltoids: 3 sites
Biceps: 2 sites
Triceps: 3 sites
Lats: 1 site
Pectorals: 3 sites
Quadriceps: 2 sites
Traps: 1 site
Calves: 2 sites
Recall from earlier, you have two of each muscle, therefore for example, as there are suitable injections spots on the deltoid, as you have 2 deltoids this total jumps up to 6 spots for deltoids alone.

Location of Testosterone Injections:
When we perform testosterone injections we do not arbitrarily stick a needle into the muscle; there are specific points within each muscle that you want to use. Youve probably seen movies or T.V. shows where some guy is supplementing with anabolic steroids and it shows him arbitrarily sticking a needle right into the meat of his butt and then shows him on the field as an animal, in real life that wouldnt happen as he would be temporarily paralyzed. The sciatic nerve runs through our glutes, often the area many movies portray the injection and if you hit the never youre not going to be moving for some time. Each area, each muscle has a spot that may be used and when we know the spots the process is very simple; in reality its no different than eating food its just most dont know how to do it. For example, you wouldnt take a hamburger and try to jam it into your eyeball to eat it, of course not, you know better and testosterone injections are no different.

The full name is androgenic (promoting masculine characteristics) anabolic (structure) steroids (the rank of drugs). These derivatives of testosterone advance the growth of skeletal muscle and increase lean corpse mass. Anabolic steroids were first abused by athletes seeking to improve performance. Today, athletes and others pervert anabolic steroids to enhance performance and also to improve medical man appearance.

Anabolic steroids are taken orally or injected, and athletes and other abusers take them typically in cycles of weeks or months, rather than continuously, in patterns called cycling. Cycling involves attractive multiple doses of steroids over a specific interval of period, stopping for a interval, and starting again. In adding, users frequently associate several different types of steroids to increase their effectiveness while minimizing negative effects, a proceeding known as stacking.

clenClenbuterol (Clen) is the common term used that refers to the popular bronchodilator Clenbuterol Hydrochloride. Designed with the intent of treating chronic asthma, Clen is also a powerful fat-burner with some similarities to Ephedrine yet far more powerfully effective. So you are on it 24 hours a day. No one chooses to be on ephedrine 24 hours per day, because it interferes with sleep, and so clenbuterol is more effective. While designed to treat respiratory issues it is this medications fat-burning abilities that have intrigued so many and by and large without question it is the number one reason many buy Clenbuterol (Clen) in the first place. The reason is simple, Clenbuterol (Clen) greatly increases your total metabolic activity by stimulating the Beta-2 receptors; once this process is in play the results are very simple, we now use stored body-fat for energy to a higher degree. While direct fat-burning is the primary mode of action regarding its metabolic activity properties Clen has been shown to also greatly reduce total appetite in some; for some it wont but decreasing appetite can be useful to those struggling to lose weight.
The process is rather simple; the Beta-2 receptors are stimulated to increase metabolic activity. This increase leads to an increase in your core temperature due to an increase in cellular heat. This cellular increase is brought about by the mitochondria of the cells as they are what heats up thereby affecting the total body temperature. This increase in temperature increases metabolic rate, so you have a full circle effect apt towards promoting the use of stored body-fat for energy. Also, for the same effect on fat cells, clenbuterol accelerates heart rate less, so one can use effectively a higher dose. Not a greater quantity, but a dose giving a greater effect on fat cells for the same effect on tachycardia. Clenbuterol results in severe downregulation of beta receptors, which moderate ephedrine use does not do. Thus, it is particularly effective only for a short time. Typically if using clenbuterol the dose would be about 100 mcg per day.
Obviously it goes without saying; if you supplement with Clen youre going to burn more body-fat but as it was designed to treat asthma as you may already suspect it can also improve greatly cardiovascular efficiency. Even so, fat-loss remains its primary force of action but Clenbuterol (Clen) also unsuspectingly to many carries with it anabolic properties. Although the anabolic nature of this drug is very mild it has been shown to have the ability to slightly increase fat-free mass. As you understand the more fat-free mass we hold the greater our metabolism functions, again, this only promotes the fat-burning abilities of Clenbuterol (Clen).

what_are_the_dangers_of_cytomegalovirusCytomegalovirus presents a significant danger for people with diseases which reduce immunity system function.

Today the most important issue is problem of compatibility of cytomegalovirus and HIV infection.

When immunity decreases (which often occurs in people with AIDS), cytomegalovirus may become so active that may damage all organs and systems in the body, and even cause development of oncological diseases.

Immunodeficiency disorders may appear after radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients who used those treatments for their cancer, or after admission high doses of corticosteroids, or may result from immunoreduction therapy after organ transplantation.

Cytomegalovirus presents a true danger for pregnant women because cytomegaly may cause miscarriage or dead birth.

In later terms, the disease may cause severe birth defects or disorders found after birth in a baby such as increased liver and spleen, hemorrhage in internal organs, symptoms of nervous system damage.

Therefore, women who plan pregnancy should undergo tests on  cytomegalovirus along with rubella, toxoplasmosis and herpes.


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